All students experience moments of uncertainty in their academic journey. With our expertise in the local and international education space, CELSCA offers students insight on the options available so that they can chart a path forward. Whether the decision lies in choosing the right school or understanding their career inclinations, our mission is to give students the clarity they need so that they can take the leap.

We offer consultancy in the following forms:

1) Admission Examinations for International Students (AEIS)

2) Pathway Switch

3) Oxbridge Application

4) Foundation Programmes in Australia



Admission Examinations for International Students (AEIS)


For foreign students who wish to study in a Singapore local school, the first hurdle would be the AEIS. CELSCA can assess a student’s academic potential and provide coaching to prepare them. To help these students make the best out of their Singapore education experience, we also offer individualised study plans and advice on the next chapter of their academic lives.



Pathway Switch

Choosing your next school is a decision that takes time and thoughtful consideration. By laying out the local and global education landscape and the different pathways available, CELSCA helps students in both Singapore local and international schools decide where they want the next chapter of their academic life to begin. From boarding school to university application, we provide you with unbiased advice in view of your personality, academic inclination and career aspiration, so that you can make a decision that looks and feels right. 



Oxbridge Application


Getting accepted into Oxford or Cambridge University does not need to be a distant dream. We invite experts from the UK down to Singapore to conduct a 4-day workshop that is designed to help you improve your chances of getting accepted into the ever-elusive Oxbridge. For more information, please contact us:



Foundation Programme

Hoping to catapult into a top Australia university? We work with experienced education partners to help students enrol into prestigious schools through the foundation programmes. These foundation programmes help international students to blend in effortlessly to the Australian academic environment and has proven success in preparing students for the university years.

For more information, please contact us:


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