Academic Consultancy

All students experience moments of uncertainty in their academic journey. With our expertise in the local and international education space, CELSCA offers students insight on the options available so that they can chart a path forward. Whether the decision lies in choosing the right school or understanding their career inclinations, our mission is to give students the clarity they need so that they can take the leap.

We offer consultancy in the following forms:

1) Admission Examinations for International Students (AEIS)

2) Pathway Switch

3) Oxbridge Application


Academic Coaching

We work with a proven pedagogy and keen understanding of the education system. Coaching can come in the form of targeted one-on-one or group sessions, and is available in the fields of English, Math, Science, Mandarin and the Humanities.




We bring global education experiences to students around the world. A Little Learning provides global education experiences ranging from

- Collaborative Learning Programmes

- Writing Workshops

- Global Interdisciplinary & Experiential Learning Journeys

- Careers & Networking Exposure

We offer these programmes for students studying in or aspiring to pursue their education in Singapore to give them a head start for a successful career. Through our platform, students gain valuable opportunities, guidance and a supportive network from industry professionals and mentors.

Private Home Tutoring


Looking for a suitable tutor to conduct lessons at the comfort of your place and pace? Check out our tutor matching services to meet your academic needs with no extra charges.