We work with a proven pedagogy and keen understanding of the education system. Coaching can come in the form of targeted one-on-one or group sessions, and is available in the fields of English, Math, Science, Mandarin and the Humanities. 

Subjects Offered


Primary Secondary Junior College International Baccalaureate
Science (P3-6)
Science (Lower Sec)
Chemistry (Upper Sec)
Physics (Upper Sec)
Biology (Upper Sec)
A. Mathematics (Upper Sec)
General Paper
H1/ H2 Mathematics
H1/ H2 Chemistry
H1/H2 Physics
SL/HL English
SL/HL Mathematics
SL/HL Chemistry
SL/HL Physics






Bridging Classes


Sometimes in order to succeed, we need to first revisit the foundations. Bridging classes are the perfect way to get students up to scratch in their various subjects before joining a regular group class.






Regular Group Classes



Conducted by experienced and skilled educators, these classes cover all the important academic concepts and are an opportunity for students to voice out any difficulties they might be facing in class. With a healthy dose of peer pressure thrown in the mix, students are motivated to work hard and improve as a group. 







Supervised Study Camps


We believe that a disciplined mind begets success. By offering a distraction-free environment and the right amount of guidance, we help students cultivate good habits of mind so that they become effective at self-study. Our educators are also present at these camps; acting as resource teachers who can answer students’ queries on the spot.